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Butelis Vilkmerges 3

Vilkmerges Šviesusis – Pale Ale-Belgian 5.6%

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410ml; 5.6% vol.

Color Beer pure gold.

Aroma Beer malt aroma, slightly fruity with hints of honey and bitter notes of hops at the end of the bouquet.
Taste Refreshing, sweet, very rich, with hints of malt, fruit, notes of honey and mild, bitter finale with hints of hops.

Ingredients Grain mix, Hop.

Gastronomy Beer goes well with cheeses, especially blue cheese, nuts, rye bread, potato dishes and snacks.

“Vilkmerges” Sviesusis– very intense light unpasteurized beer top fermentation, has a slightly sweet flavor with soft hints of hops and fruity aroma. Beer fermentation is carried out at higher temperatures and therefore has a rich fragrant bouquet.

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