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Vilkmerges Kriek – Cherry 5%

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410ml; 5% vol

Color A transparent, dark ruby color, short pink foam

Aroma Lush fruity cherry aromas

Taste A mix of sweet and sour cherry flavor

Ingredients Beer, glucose, cherry juice, flavoring, potassium sorbate preservative, caramel

Gastronomy Goes well with poultry, duck and pork dishes, a fantastic combination with goat and rich cheeses, sits well with desserts.

Vilkmerges “Kriek” is a Lambic or spontaneous fermented beer produced using naturally occurring yeasts without using artificially bred yeast species. Lambic is one of the world’s three existing beers along with lager and ale.The slightly sour and fresh cherry flavour is obtained using special ripened sour cherries. Following old traditions, Vilkmerges brewers were the first in Lithuania to brew Kriek beer with a rich cherry colour, aroma and sweet-sour taste.

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